January 25, 2011

Good thing germs can't spread on the computer!

WOW! I've gotten my butt kicked by this round of sickness.  Actually, the entire Thrift family has been miserably sick.  I was so bad that I didn't even turn on my computer for two days.  No emails, no sales, no blog, no facebook, no games, no coupons, nothing!  Trust me, that's sick in my book!
Now I am finally starting to feel better I have a huge to-do list.  It's amazing how much housework adds up in just a few days of doing nothing!  Mom's really don't get a sick day, even when they stay home.
I just want to thank you all for reading my blog & ask you to please share it with your friends & family so I can grow the blog & do giveaways & reviews that I have lined up already.

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