February 20, 2011

Catching up- My Friday Shopping Trip

Ok, just a little behind in posting these. :)

Rite Aid
Spent $3.35 oop with tax
Got back $5 in Up Rewards

The Maalox is getting donated to my church food pantry (I needed them as fillers for the Buy & Save promo) & the light bulbs are to replace our CFL's when we move.

Food Lion
Spent $0.23 oop ALL tax

We've had a sick dog this week & while cleaning up the mess isn't fun, it's nice knowing you're doing it with FREE paper towels!

Spent $62.51 oop with tax
Typical Wal-Mart trip for us including juice for the boys, roast, cornish game hens, charcoal for the grill & veggies.
Harris Teeter
(Super Double Coupons Week)
Spent $11.87 oop with tax

Mostly duplicates of the first Super Doubles trip this week, some plain yogurt for the sick dog & lemon juice I forgot at Wal-Mart.

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