February 21, 2011

Thirty-One Giveaway Winner!?

random.org picked #19 as the winner for the Thirty-One Giveaway.

#19 was ruthannaccu@ who said "I subscribe to Momma Thrift's daily email". BUT there's a problem, ruthannaccu@ is not on the list as an email subscriber.  In fact, there was one other person who entered as a email subscriber but is not on the list.  There's also four email addresses that have not confirmed their account yet.  I have stated all entries will be verified. That's because these giveaways are supposed to be for fans of my blog & any business who sponsors a giveaway here.  If you don't want to complete an entry such as sign up for a single daily email update, that's fine but please enter the contest accordingly.  

For #19, I'll give you 24 hours to actually sign up for my email list & claim your prize.  For everyone else, this serves as your warning. :)

If you want to receive the Momma Thrift daily email update (so you don't miss any deals!) or if you haven't confirmed your email yet & need another confirmation email sent to you, click here.  Then you'll be set for the next giveaway which will be soon! :)

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