March 29, 2011

Groupon: Hot eBay Deal!

Right now you can grab a $15 credit on eBay for just $7!
You can use the $15 in 1 or more transactions & even use it toward shipping!
You must have an eBay & paypal account.  Limit 1. 

This is a little different than most Groupon deals where you normally sign in to your account & then buy the deal.  This time you have to enter all your info including credit card even if you have Groupon cash to use.  Then if you have cash in your Groupon account, your $7 eBay Groupon will be subtracted from your account balance & not charged to your cc. I think they're just trying to make sure it is 1 per person & to keep the servers from crashing.

You'll get an email within 48 hours with you eBay Groupon info.

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