March 12, 2011

My shopping trip today- the mall.

After my tour & lunch today at Whole Foods, I went (child free!!!) to the mall to see if I could score a deal at Gap with my $25/$50 cell coupon and to take advantage of the Tribute Days promo at Starbucks.

I just didn't find any real deals at Gap- nothing I couldn't live without.  No reason to spend $25 when you're not feelin' it!

I'm not sure if the little cake pop is worth $1.50 a pop but it was YUMMY as FREE! :) The drink was free from a gift card I won at a Secret Santa party in December.

Total spent today: $0


  1. I used my Gap coupon just yesterday. I will admit that I don't normally find things either because they are way overpriced but yesterday they happened to be running an 'extra 30% off' special on all previously reduced tops. So I scored some cutesy cargo pants and 2 spring shirts for $26!

  2. Nice job!
    They had the same sale going when I was there but the salesman told me I couldn't combine it with my coupon. Doesn't really matter since nothing fit me right anyway... I haven't been able to wear Gap since having kids. :(