April 28, 2011

Prayers & help for storm victims.

Tonight there are so many people without power, homes and even loved ones from the bad storms that have hit the US day after day lately.  I offer all my prayers to every single person who has be affected by these massive killer storms. 

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Here in Central Florida it's just news on TV but I have family in North Georgia that barely escaped the storms last night.  Just two weeks ago we moved from North Carolina and I have friends there who were hit hard right after we left.

I urge you to pray for all of these people, communities and states.  I also urge you to give whatever you can.  We've been blessed with coupons- we're able to get items cheap or free and save money for our families.   Please consider donating some of those items to a local shelter, a collection for the storm victims or, if you're really far from the storm areas, send money to the red cross. Every penny counts to someone left with nothing.  If you want specific places to send donations, let me know.  I have a list of shelters, churches and other needs in almost every area hit by the storms. 
Thank you all for helping.  Let's show what couponing can do!

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