May 27, 2011

My Shopping Trip to Ace & Victoria's Secret

Ace Hardware & Victoria's Secret - what a combo right?!? :)

I hit Ace because they have some great MIR's going on right now that make a lot of things free or really cheap and we got a $10 off coupon in our moving address confirmation that expires this weekend.

I got 3 reflective #'s for the mailbox & a hose (forgot to take a pic before I opened it) because we needed those items.  I got 2 Cutter bug sprays, Scotts veggie fertilizer, some eco friendly car wash, Ortho bug stuff and a 3pk microfiber cloth all with rebates. 

I used 2 $1.50 coupons from the 5/22 paper for the Cutter bug spray
1 $10 off Ace coupon
I paid $39.83 OOP with tax
I have $32.48 worth of rebates to submit
= $7.35 my total cost for everything pictured after rebates & coupons.

Then I hit the mall since I was already on that side of town to use the VS coupon my aunt had given me at lunch today.  It expired on the 30th so I wanted to get my free VS pantie.  (Ladies, we all know even if it's a style we normally don't wear, we do NOT turn down a free $12.50 pair of Victoria's Secret underwear!!!) :)

I couldn't find the style the coupon was good for so I asked for help.  The associate questioned the style I was looking for so I showed her the coupon.  I said I'm trying to use it before it expires tomorrow & she said, no it expired 2 months ago

Did you even notice the date? I sure didn't!!!

I was in shock! Neither my aunt or I had caught where it said MARCH, not May. I apologized for my stupid mistake & she said no problem, she'll take it and the $10 off any bra coupon I had. (Thanks but I'm not paying $30-$40 for a bra even if I DO have a coupon!)  I picked out my free pair of panties and went to check out, I was expecting to have to call over the associate who helped me before.  Nope, not a problem at all. 
On my way out the door, I looked into my bag & spotted the coupon for $10 off a mist perfume & a perfume sample. :) Double free score!

Total OOP= $0

My point on including this is to ASK if they will take an expired coupon if you happen to have one.  My store didn't seem to care.  My other point is even experienced couponers totally loose their brain every once in a while!  Don't worry if you forget to use a coupon when checking out, forget a deal, or act totally blond like me & try to use a coupon that expired 2 months ago!  It's OK & it does get easier but sometimes you just have a bad day.  And I didn't even have my kids with me to blame distract me!

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  1. Using a discount coupon for shopping is a good move for some people, as it can cut your expenses. Though the Victoria’s Secret coupon that came from your aunt is expired, it is good that the associate still accepted it. The shopping trip was a really funny but a good experience for you.