May 21, 2011

Orlando/ Melbourne Readers: *HOT* Groupon Deal: Orlando Sentinel

For my local Melbourne/ Orlando area readers, there is a HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT Groupon Deal out right now! 

You can get 1 year of weekend delivery- Friday, Saturday & Sunday for just $15!!!
YES- coupons are included!!!
There is a limit of 2 per person. 

Click here to see this deal!

UPDATE: I have talked to Orlando Sentinel and it is 2 per person, not address.  If you have someone else living in the same house who is old enough to have a Groupon account, they can also buy 2 deals.  Meaning you would get 4 copies delivered to your door every weekend!

I also verified it's OK if you already have a subscription, this will just be an extra subscription.

The subscription is set to start on June 3rd for everyone.  They will deliver to the address you provide at checkout.

Look at it this way- 1 Sunday paper at the store= $1.50 (+ tax if you buy it inside) x 52 weeks= $78
$78 x 4 (if you get 4 copies a week) = $312
‎$312- $60= $252 SAVED just on the Sunday paper cover price. NOT TO MENTION THE COUPON SAVINGS INSIDE!!!

I suggest getting 1 paper for every person living in the house.  There's 4 of us so I get 4 papers.  On weeks that have more inserts or a really good coupon, I may get more.

I highly suggest getting at least 2 copies each week.  If you have 2 coupons, you get better deals on B1G1 sales.  Plus it lets you build up your stockpile instead of just getting what you need at the moment.

I wouldn't wait to get it because they may have a limit on how many they sell (happens sometimes).


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