June 1, 2011

Mail Call--> What's in today's mail?

Not a bad day for the mail.  Here's what I got:
a free Cottonelle Wipes coupon (share promotion online)
free Yoplait Yougurt cup  (facebook promo)
free Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Combo & $1 off (Kraft First Taste)
free Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combo & $1 off (Kraft First Taste)
cowboom cow (facebook promo)
free magazines from Parenting & Shape which also had a carefree sample inside

I also got a letter from North Carolina telling me I don't have insurance anymore so my tags are revoked.  Duh!  They know I don't have insurance anymore but they don't know I no longer have a NC license, registration, title, address, tag??? :-/

Fed Ex also visited me today. 

Little presents in tissue paper!

They brought me a nice little freebie from Secret.  I left a comment on their facebook page & they asked for my shipping info.  They were picking comments at random to win a prize.   I like that idea... perhaps we'll try that on the Momma Thrift facebook page!  :)

Did you get anything good in the mail today?

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