January 11, 2011

Earning a little extra money online

Ok, so there are a TON of ways to earn money online.  Searches, surveys, paid TV, referrals, etc.  You've heard of them but can you trust them???

I want to share some websites that I have personally used & can verify are 100% legit.  I have earned points and traded them for goods or earned cash through each of the sites that I post here.

Most have referral points so please sign up with my info/ link below- thanks!!! :)

My Points
Earn points by shopping online, playing games online, clicking on emails, taking surveys, printing grocery coupons & more.
Trade your points for gift cards from various retailers.
I earn most of my points from clicking on the emails, the toolbar searches & some online shopping.
I have redeemed points for over $300 in gift cards so far & have over 12,000 points in my account. If you shop online often, you could do much better!

Inbox Dollars
Earn by shopping online, playing games online, clicking on emails, taking surveys & more.
You can cash out via paypal after you earn $30 or more.

Swag Bucks
Swagbucks is a free website that rewards you for doing the things you do on the web every day: search, shop, answer polls, and more.  Each time you do these things you have the opportunity to earn Swag Bucks, the web's premier digital dollar, which can be redeemed anytime for hundreds of different prizes.  (My fav is the $5 Amazon gift card!)

iRazoo is similar to Swagbucks where you earn points for searching & trade them in for things like giftcards.  Use the link above to sign up & get 50 points to start you off!

Sunshine Rewards
Earn from clicking on emails, online shopping, online surveys & more.
You can cash out via paypal, Disney Dollars or gift cards!

Save for college! Have a student loan of your own? You can pay using this! Or you can save for your kids. Grandparents, aunts, uncles & friends can also link to your account (don't worry- no info is shared) to save for you as well. $ can also be divided between people.
Earn by dining out, shopping online, grocery shopping, linking your credit cards, linking your pharmacy cards & more.
I earn most of my $ from my registered credit (debit) card when I go grocery shopping or at the pharmacy.

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