February 11, 2011

Can you see me now? (On facebook)

I've been reading about people missing friends & pages in their news feed on facebook. Well that could be because facebook changed settings (AGAIN!) and the default may be limiting you from seeing everyone on your friends & like list.
You have 2 options-
   see only those who you are recently friends with/ fans of & those you interact with the most or
   everyone on your friends list & pages you are fans of (unless you hide specific ones). (This is the option I would suggest.)

If you want to change or check your settings here's how:

1 On your Home Page click Most Recent on the top right of the news feed.
2 Click the down arrow next to Most Recent.
3 Select Edit Options at the bottom of the menu bar.

A box will come up with your two options. Select the one that suits you & you're done!

I hope this helps you keep up with Momma Thrift on facebook, all of your friends and other pages.

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