February 10, 2011

My CVS & Rite Aid shopping trips today

I stopped at CVS & Rite Aid today to use some ecb's that were about to expire.  Rite Aid was out of stuff I have rain checks for from last week but I managed to get most of what I wanted.

Rite Aid
Used $23 Up Rewards
Spent $3.60 oop with tax
Got back $4 in Up Rewards and will submit for $24.98 SCR

I found the kotex on clearance for .74 each. I used $1.50/2 from the paper to get them both free.
I used a BOGO on the snickers which were on sale 2/$1.
The other items are in this week's ad.

Used $11 ECB's
Spent $1.42 oop with tax
Got back $7 in ECB's

The CVS pantyliners were .99 and I got $1/1 coupon from scanning my CVS card at the red coupon machine.
The other items are in this week's ad.

Let me know if you have any questions- I'd love to help you get the same deals!


  1. Awesome job! I certainly love free things!

  2. Thanks Hilary! FREE is great isn't it!?! :)