February 15, 2011

My 4 stop shopping trip today

I made 4 stops today (with the boys as usual) with hopes that the deals would not be sold out like they normally are when I wait till the end of the week to go out.  Didn't quite work that way but I ended up with some good deals, rolled my expiring ECB's, UP's & RR's, used a few rain checks and I can stop at different stores later this week when I hit the other side of town.

Food Lion
Spent $1.73 oop with tax
Remember the Land O Lakes butter MIR I told you about last week?  I am going to do that to make this an even better deal!

The Marcal towels are on sale $1 each (through 3/1)= free with $1 off coupon.

Used $16.99 ECB's
Spent $7.99 oop with tax
Got back $11.58 in ECB's

I got a BOGO Snickers coupon from scanning my CVS card at the red coupon machine. (Daddy Thrift's fav)
The other items are in this week's ad.

Rite Aid
Used $4 Up Rewards
Spent $1.92 oop with tax
Got back $9 in Up Rewards

The Dixie Plates were a rain check from 2 weeks ago- paired with a VV coupon = .49 for both
The Peep was a filler treat for Momma ;-)
The Colgate was in the ad (& shelf) as 3.50 each but rang up at $2.49 and I found bonus packs with a free toothbrush.  I used 2  .75 coupons & still got my UP for $3.50 each!  Woohoo!
The other items are in this week's ad.

Used $9 Register Rewards
Spent $5.07 oop with tax
Got back $6 in RR

Hershey's Drops rain check from last week 2/$5 use $2/2 Wag q in monthly coupon book & $2/2 man q from paper= .50 each (And these are YUMMY!)

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese rain check from last month 3/$5 & 3 $1 off man q= $2 for all 3 (The only way I will eat m&c anymore- delish!)
Arnicare month long deal $5.99 & get $6 RR (look inside the box for $1.50 q)
3 Disney books on Valentines clearance for .25 each used as fillers.

Diapers are in this week's ad.  Check out the deal here. Note- it took me FOREVER to find them in my store.  Nobody even knew what I was talking about till I finally talked to the manager.  He had given them to the pharmacy (I don't know why the pharmacy but anyway) and they had them under the counter. He gave me 3 copies for my trouble.  When I went to use the diaper q at checkout, the cashier just entered the coupon # like they do from the monthly q book. She let me keep the q!  :-) They're good all year & you know there will be more diaper deals. Score!

Let me know if you have any questions- I'd love to help you get some great deals as well!

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