February 16, 2011

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

Even going at 10am on the first day didn't mean things wern't already cleared off the shelf. There were still plenty of deals & we will be going back several times (glad HT isn't that far away!)

Spent $37.64 oop with tax

that includes these items that did not have coupons but we needed:
$14.84 for 2 steaks (HT is the only local place besides BJ's that has decent steaks around here- still a better  price than going out to eat!)
$1.67 for garlic toast
$3.65 for a gallon of milk
and .92 for bananas

The cereal has a MIR on the box so I will get the sale price of $2.99 back for that.

Coupon items:
1 box of slow cooker liners
2 deli creations sandwiches
2 boxes of cheese nips
1 box of crunchy nut cereal
2 boxes of fruit snacks
1 box of pierognes
1 bag of dinosaur ckn nuggets
1/2 gal silk chocolate almond milk
1 italian dressing
1 ranch dressing
1 baby powder
2 scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner refill
1 activa desserts yougurt
2 dan-o-nino yougurt packs
1 3 pk horizon choc milk singles
2 whiskas cat treats
1 pk cheese slices
1 bag cheddar shredded cheese
1 pk sucrets losenges
2 mini first aid to go kits
1 bag mozzarella shredded cheese

Let me know if you have any questions- I'd love to help you get some great deals as well!
If you shop at HT Super Doubles, let me know about your deals! You can post pics on my facebook page.

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