March 1, 2011

Ever have one of THOSE days?

You know- the ones where N-O-T-H-I-N-G goes right.

I had a meeting at church today & after that was over, I decided to hit Walgreens & the grocery store before I headed home.  Did three transactions at Walgreens to roll my RR's & get multiple products.  During the second transaction I noticed the cashier did not use one of my q's on the first.  Call the manager over- refund my $1 for the missing q. Finish transaction #2 & #3. 

Leave Walgreens to grab lunch with the boys at Chick-fil-a (yes- I had coupons!)  The cashier took both of my q's but didn't take one off the total.  Had to get her to fix that.  Lunch for all 3 of us just under $5.
While waiting for the boys to finish lunch I reviewed my Wags receipts (something didn't feel right about my totals).  Sure enough transaction #two she charged me for two of the same product when I only got one- that was a $5.15 mistake and the store coupon for $2 off my huggies diapers did not come off.  So after lunch we went back to Wags & got my $7.15 credit. Thank goodness they're almost next door to each other!

Then we headed to Kroger to get my FREE Tide & CoffeeMate from the Deal of the Day promo.  I wanted to get a few other things as well but I couldn't get cellfire loaded on my cell phone to see all my coupons.  Without being able to remember all the match ups, I got my freebies, a few other things & tried to leave with my sanity. (It was about 3:30 by now & the boys had not gotten a nap... need I say more???)  I had four coupons in my hand & three e-offers that I knew of on my card I thought checkout would be easy. NOPE! Turns out I had a few more e-offers than I remembered (always good) but I don't think those were even part of the problem.  The cashier just could not get the coupons to scan or enter the prices in manually.  End result?  After I got home & checked the receipt I was over charged $1 on the ground beef, double charged $3 for the CoffeeMate & shorted .50 on my coupons.  Another $4.50 mistake.  So- next time I go back I will see if they can help me but assuming it will be a few days, I doubt it.

Lesson of the day? ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!!! Before you leave the store is best!
And know that even a seasoned coupon user has a bad couponing day now & then!

As for my shopping total- I'll post it tomorrow. I'm throwing in the towel on today & going to bed.
Night all!

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